• Quality

    As with all our projects, our main focuses are the customer’s requirements. We look at each project individually and focus on contracting each building on time, in budget and to a very high standard. Our team of professionals will work closely with our engineering team to select the best materials, fixtures, fittings and finishing touches to create high quality buildings that are crafted with passion, precision and care by the builders

  • Architecture

    We bring a fresh approach to building and our attention to detail and dedication is second to none. Building houses in Panglao Island and the wider Bohol area has led us to build residential homes, large architectural houses, and smaller spec homes as well as commercial complexes.

  • Custom Builds

    When it comes to residential homes construction, the primary benefit of custom build is that you can achieve a home designed specifically for you and your family’s lifestyle. A flexible, quality living space, tailored to suit your requirements, now and in the future. Custom build is all about flexibility and all about choice. Your choice.

  • Value

    The ultimate aim is not only to build good buildings, but also to ensure that the right buildings are built to meet the requirements of all stakeholders, particularly the end users.

Roman Empire Panglao Condo Developer

Werner Klippert



The Diploma Engineer is the projects visionary and its driving force. Werner has lived on Panglao, Bohol for 16 years and has extensive building experience having planned and developed a number of successful projects to this day in the Philippines. The high technical quality of his structures and his strong professional reputation are well established throughout the Panglao island and beyond.

Other Projects

To get an impression of some of his projects already completed, we recommend visiting the following project websites: (click on the photo)

Bohol Homes

A private residence with 35 Units

Panglao Chocolatehills Resort

A resort with 26 rooms

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