For Real Property Investors: Limited Condotel – Units (Suites) available


Our location in Alona,Panglao Bohol, known for its powdery white sand beaches and its surrounding unique diving spots and soon with its new “NEW BOHOL AIRPORT” (under construction) it will become one of the famous Holiday Destinations in the Asian Area and offers:

• Global Marketability.
• Annual Growing Economy in Philippines of 7 %
• Investments are rated from standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch as stable and positive
• Direct accessible from the Asian’s biggest economic booming Countries as China, Korea and Japan
• Guaranteed annual Interest rate of up to 5.5 %


Already some global player as the international HENAN RESORT with 450 Beds, the BE Resort with 250 Beds and the BLUE WATER Resort with 150 Beds have established its place here to get their share out of the booming tourism industry.

Our new Roman Empire Panglao Resort has an ideal Location in walking Distance to Alona Beach and is only 3 km away from the new international airport and with 80 Beds will play its part in the booming Tourism here on Panglao Island.

Buy or reserve now to get the best choice of available suites, as well as the best price.

Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study
Project Profile
Project Profile


Invest in a Condominium (Suite)

• Minimum of 5.5 % Annual Interest rate
• Limited Suites for Sale
• Pre-Sale only P 2.95 Mio. Peso* for a Suite
• Prices increase after Project completion
•Ownership Certificate (Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT)
• Payment options
* Taxes Apply

Compared to a bank deposit with a maximum of only 1.0% interest p.a, your Investment will earn up at least 4.5% more Profit

With even higher occupancy rates then the used conservative rate of only 40%, the ROI also will go up if an Investor chooses to participate on the operational profit of the hotel/resort, then on the fixed Interest rate.

Beside of the guaranteed Money Return of Investment (ROI) of 5.5% p.a., an investor also will participate on the constant increase of the value of the condotel, what makes this Investment very interesting in short term already.

Buy-back Program

An Investor in a Condotel (Suite), upon full payment of his Suite has the option to:

• Resell his Suite at anytime at the open market to make profit
• Resell his Suite back to Roman Empire Panglao Inc. at his acquisition price (Upon full operation of the the Resort for at least one year)
• Keep his Suite for constant earnings and increasing value

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