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The Roman Empire Condotel is the 4th Project developed and constructed under the German Engineer Werner Klippert, who successfully developed within the  last 10 years different projects  as the  “Bohol Homes – Residential Housing Project”,  the ”Panglao Chocolatehills – a commercial Resort Project” and  the “Panglao Residences – also a residential living Project,  all located in the beautiful with fine sandy beaches surrounded Island of Panglao.
The newest and finest Development  “The Roman Empire Panglao is a Condominium Project, located at Tawala, Panglao, in walking distance to the famous Alona Beach which attracts already more then a million tourists every year.
With the “New Bohol International Airport”, recently  under Construction on Panglao Island and operational in the second Quarter of 2018, the Tourist arrival numbers will reach even more then 2 Million per year.
The “Roman Empire Panglao Condotel” is the first one of its kind  in Panglao and targets specially the high demand for Investment Projects and as well Tourists for an above the average prognosed ROI of more then 5.5% per annum for their Investments.
The Project started its construction in march 2017 and will complete its first building phase end of this year and 2nd building phase latest summer 2018, existing of the first of four Building  Complexes, hosting then up to 40 Suites. The hole project is target to be finished latest  in 2020.


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Four Building Complexes, hosting the eighty unique Suites:

All Suites are coming with high quality furniture made of solid Mahogany Wood, a unique functional Bathroom with long lasting high quality Utilities, partially imported from Germany, a solid 70 cm wide mahogany door entering the bathroom, equipped with a high quality door lock, a King Size Bed with a customized economic health-foam, large customized  mirrors, a Closet manufactured  of Solid Mahogany,  hosting an eco friendly refrigerator and a big “laptop”-size security volt, a solid 90 cm wide mahogany door at entrance, equipped with a special RFI Secure Door lock  gives a controlled entrance for guest only,  a state of the art energy saving “Inverter-Aircon” and a 40-inch high quality Entertainment-Flat Screen –TV of newest technology. Last but not least, “finished in the unique antique design of the old Roman Empire Century and a huge PVC-Sliding door, what give access to the Balcony or Terrace.
The unique “drive-through”  Reception entrance,  a beautiful finished Reception in Roman Empire Style, hosting the Front Desk and the Office, equipped with the australian Fire-Control Station and Security System, HD CC – Cameras, the customized “High-Speed” Internet Connection, controlled by a programmable PC system, giving only our value guests access and the Reception itself with its “RFI-Keycard Control-System”, controlling the Room accessibility and the special for the Roman Empire  programmed Hotel Booking System.
A modern fully equipped restaurant, using the latest stainless steel kitchen facilities will cater all needs of our up to 160 guest when fully operational. International and local “Chefs” will take care of the food preparation with their local and international food variety. Custom made, high quality comfortable “Rattan-Furniture” and Marble tables offer the necessary comfort to welcome our guests. A well place Café shop and Bar provides our guest will all liquid, making the stay here joyful and unforgettable.
Within the Restaurant-Complex will be as well hosted a modern Dive-Shop, offering specialized diving courses and giving access to all surrounding dive spots, Panglao is famous for a SPA and Wellness Area, taking care of our guest’s Body and Soul and last a Boutique, offering all additional services needed, to make our guests stay as comfortable as possible.

The custom unique Swimming- and Fountain Pool:

One of our highlights , our special for the Roman Empire Panglao designed  swimming pool with a state of the art 100 m long swimming pool area, a 3 m deep international  standard dive pool, 2 big tropical islands within the pool area, inviting  for a stop-over while exercising swimming  in the middle of the pool and a unique colorful “Music-Fountain  surrounding  the swimming pool, facing our relaxing area with body-shaped comforters, offering our guest all the “necessary comfort needed for enjoying their holidays with us.


Customized walk-ways lead the way through our tropical garden and invite our guest to take a Seat on one of the well placed marble banks and while relaxing, discovering the beautiful “life-sized” Roman Marble figures, taking nice pictures with them, or watching the fabulous marble fountain and its dancing waters, all surrounded by unique roman fantasy men-made marble figures.

Take a breathtaking look from our tower, overlooking Roman Empire and offering the view up to Alona Beach.

The well placed, mostly invisible facility buildings as the laundry area, the daily room cleaning facilities, the general water supply, with its huge 140 m3 rainwater tanks, grey-water-tanks, external and internal water supply and its dual water pipe pressure system, guarantee a constant warm water supply to all our guest with an energy friendly Solar Water Dual Heating System. The eco friendly water consumption minimizing German Push Button Technology, the sound limited Compressor- and Generator room and last but not least, the up to 15 cars big Secure parking area and its State of the Art Septic Tank and eco friendly Water Treatment Facility, minimizing the consumption of fresh water, hosting all necessary equipment and offer enough workspace for our employees, to make their work fast and easy in order to supply the best comfort to our guest.

Roman Empire Panglao

Roman Empire Panglao, Panglao, Philippines

The Roman Empire Panglao Condotel
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